Auntie Kの日記









Faith: I love the smell of gay wedding in the morning!!

爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑


Chas: Aaron loves Mr. Shifty...

爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑



Robert: I want to say my vows. I want him and Liv to hear what they mean to me... properly before he goes away.



Paddy: You're happy.


Aaron: Yeah.. It's mad innit. I'm going to prison but I'm finally happy.


Paddy: Because of Robert?


Aaron: I know he's not for you but he is definitely for me.




Faith: Young buff Adam, push a sicko woman to the post.

爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑爆  笑


Aaron: 炎Cain! You'd better get me out of here now驚きすぎ


Robert: Happy surprise wedding day ハート


            So are you gonna marry me or you're gonna stay sulking キョロキョロハートハート


えーんハートえーんハートえーんハートえーんハートえーんハートえーん I'm dead right now lol



Aaron: I'm not going to get married in these overalls like some dirty grease money, am I.


Robert: I will wait.


ハートハートハートハートハートハートハートOMG just kill me ハートハートハートハートハートハートハート





Liv: I just hope it's still special for you




Aaron: You look nervous.


Robert: Aren't you?


Aaron: Not for one second.





Robert: I know it's not how or where you imagined but ...


Aaron: However. Wherever


えーんハートえーんハートえーんハート I am dead えーんハートえーんハートえーんハート



OMG! Faith!!!!


今晩続きがあるので、バッチしみまぁ〜す爆  笑